Changing Through the Years In 1978 Harold F. and Joan J. Reynolds started ReynoldsTech in their basement in Syracuse, N.Y. Their first products were plastic fan wheels and PVC ductwork and their ability to make things from plastic and metal. Since that time ReynoldsTech has grown and changed many times over, until today it is located in a 25,000 sq. ft. facility with a complete portfolio of thermo-plastic fusing and welding equipment and a large compliment of metal and alloy fabricating equipment. This allows them to perform a full range of metal and plastic fabricating services.

One of the unique features that have allowed ReynoldsTech to stay the test of time is their ability to identify emerging markets and to make impact within special areas of the markets by using their unique skills. Over the years they have provided services and equipments to the semi-conductor, optical, compact disc, plating, and pharmaceutical industries. ReynoldsTech continues to identify new markets into which it can position itself and markets to which it can serve. This process of change however will continue to include those common elements which allow us to bring to our customers a full service organization and a " Complete Systems Approach".