Green Flow Process Fume Hood

Ever increasing energy requirements are making the operation of laboratories more expensive for both lab owners and users. To address those needs Reynoldstech has designed and developed a new fully exhausting fume hood requiring up to 38% less exhaust air. The unique sash design of the hood enables this large reduction in volumetric exhaust, at the same time providing for increased physical safety to the operator and enhanced ergonomic benefits.


Designed and built using materials for a sustained environment. Read more

Tabletop Spinner

For years ReynoldsTECH has been at the forefront of upcoming technology in many different arenas. With the introduction of nano-technology and its potential (inevitable) use in many different fields we at ReynoldsTECH felt that our knowledge, experience and expertise would be of much use. The introduction of our new spinner is a key component for a number of processes involving wafer spinning and coating. The spinner was fully fabricated at our state-of-the-art facility. Its key features include:

  • Maximum speed of 10,000 rpm
  • User friendly programmable interface
  • Programmable step functions (up to 10 steps per recipe)
  • Programmable process control
  • 1 3/4" unit exhaust connection
  • N2 purge
  • Vacuum and vacuum-less chuck capability
  • Disposable spinner bowls and waste collection tray
  • Very low maintenance
  • Segregated electrical controls from process area for corrosion purposes
  • All in one kit or work surface mounted with remote controls
  • Automatic dispense (option)
  • 100mm-300mm capable bowl sizes


ASHRAE 110 Challenge Test Video

The test just witnessed in the short video shows an aerosol challenge test of ReynoldsTech’s latest fume hood design. Testing was performed by independent third party in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 110 exhaust smoke and tracer gas challenge test.

This new proprietary design incorporates a formed sash that allows for complete hood shut-off as well as outstanding ergonomics for both operator vision and reach within the work enclosure.

The radical rolled airfoil design of the sash allows for excellent control of visual smoke challenge gas and most importantly the very rapid clearing of tracer gases from within the hood enclosure to almost undetectable levels within seconds after release.

ReynoldsTech’s newest hood design is presently installed and in full operation at several of our nations leading nano-centers and bio-electronic medical research facilities.

Low Temperature Vapor Deposition Cluster Tool

A very new and exciting field for both ReynoldsTech and the electronic/materials community is that of Bioelectronics. Within this arena ReynoldsTech has identified and applied their expertise at machine tool fabrication to design and build a first of it’s kind low temperature vapor deposition tool for applying conductive organic polymers onto substrates.

The machine uses a cluster tool format allowing for the preparation, application and curing of the applied organic conductive materials onto substrates. The National NanoScale Facility located at Cornell University has been most instrumental in assisting ReynoldsTech with the applications and characterization of this machine. PEDOT:TOS has been used in a number of test applications and research projects investigating electrical control of cell density and future projects will be on going with respect to deposition optimization and polymer conductivity.

Again we would like to thank Cornell University for their on-going support and efforts in this very exciting and emerging area of work.